When the storm is forming - better stay home.


News Report - June 14, 1960

In a peculiar turn of events on June 14th, a lone hiker exploring the dense Greywoods stumbled upon an unexpected discovery while accompanied by his faithful dog, Bella. The curious canine, seemingly intrigued by an unusual scent, started digging fervently in the damp soil. Unable to deter Bella, the hiker joined in, wielding a sturdy branch to unearth the concealed secret. In an interview, the hiker expressed his initial excitement, saying, "Well, I thought we caught on a treasure, ya know!" Their excavation efforts continued, delving nearly a meter into the earth until Bella's persistent digging revealed the unmistakable sound of her nails striking stone. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the hiker promptly contacted local law enforcement. To their surprise, a military patrol swiftly intervened, converging on the scene. As the authorities probed further, they uncovered three tombstones, with one at the center being notably larger than the others. The military officials remained tight-lipped about the discovery, merely stating that the tombstones housed the remains of some founding fathers. To this day, the contents and significance of these enigmatic tombstones remain shrouded in mystery, leaving the community bewildered and intrigued by the secrets buried beneath the soil of Greywoods.

Too big of a party

In an unusual twist to the mystery of the Greywoods discovery, a local postman inadvertently captured a photograph that added another layer of intrigue to the unfolding events. While on his routine rounds, the postman witnessed a military convoy that, in his words, appeared "too big for comfort."


Town Whispers of the 1964: Mystery and Madness in the Greywoods

During the 1964, a chilling tale circulated through the town, whispering of local Satanists finding refuge in the ominous depths of the Greywoods. Clad in woolen garments and concealing their faces with mud, these shadowy figures reveled in terrorizing travelers who dared to venture into their secluded domain. Initially dismissed as mere folklore, the town's residents found themselves dismissing the eerie tales until an unsettling turn of events sent shockwaves through the community. In a bizarre twist, the very Satanists who had instilled fear in the hearts of the townspeople began to meet gruesome fates themselves. Lifeless bodies, bearing signs of cruel and unusual deaths, were discovered in the heart of the Greywoods. The mystery deepened as speculation ran rampant, with the once-feared figures becoming victims of an unknown and relentless force. Adding an extra layer of intrigue to the unsettling saga, a photograph surfaced, allegedly captured by Billy Cleave. Despite the chilling image, Billy remained elusive, refusing any contact with news investigators. His subsequent diagnosis with schizophrenia led to his confinement in the "Southern Institute for Mental Illness," a clinic located in Wilden. Locked away from the world, Billy's fate became entwined with the enigmatic events surrounding the Greywoods

The Aliens Stole The Circus

Four years after the eerie events of 1968, the Greywoods once again became the focal point of an inexplicable occurrence. This time, the spotlight fell on a traveling circus crew en route to Wilden, disappearing without a trace within the foreboding confines of the ancient woods. The entire caravan, complete with its eclectic array of performers, vanished without leaving a single clue behind. Strangely, no money was reported stolen, and an exhaustive search yielded no bodies. The disappearance perplexed both investigators and the townspeople, who found themselves grappling with the haunting memories of the Greywoods. Rumors began to circulate, suggesting that this enigmatic vanishing act might be the ultimate circus trick orchestrated by the performers themselves. Skeptics speculated whether the circus crew had staged their disappearance as a grand finale, leaving the town in awe of their mysterious talents.

Time Traveller

Time Traveler Emerges from the Shadows: Lenard Cole's Astonishing Return

"It's good to be young again" were the first words Mr. Cole shared with us.. After a decade of eerie calm, the Greywoods once again found themselves at the center of an otherworldly tale in 1978. The protagonist this time was Lenard Cole, an early retiree from the firefighting brigade, who had mysteriously vanished two years prior. In a jaw-dropping turn of events, Lenard reappeared seemingly out of nowhere, claiming to have traversed through time and spent two decades in an alternate dimension. According to his account, he returned to Earth on the brink of his demise in the otherworldly realm. The town was left in disbelief as Lenard shared his extraordinary journey, recounting experiences that transcended the boundaries of conventional understanding. The photograph of Lenard Cole in New York, a tangible piece of evidence, only fueled the intrigue surrounding his unexplained odyssey. Lenard had been diagnosed with mental illness prior to his disappearance so, of course, nobody believed him a single word.


Bizarre Twist Unfolds: Lenard Cole's Involvement Takes a Dark Turn

In an unexpected and peculiar twist, the already mysterious tale of Lenard Cole takes an even stranger turn. Three years after his astonishing return, the former firefighter finds himself recruited by a clandestine government operation, sponsored by the enigmatic State E Corporation. Tasked with investigating signs of inter-dimensional travel through lightning, Lenard serves as an advisor to unravel the mysteries lurking within the peculiar lightning patterns that frequently strike Wilden.

As the town anticipates the planned experiment on November 5th, 1981, the atmosphere becomes charged with a palpable sense of anticipation. The residents of Wilden, accustomed to an unusually high rate of lightning strikes, brace themselves for the impending scientific exploration. However, the narrative takes a dark and unexpected turn on the night before the planned experiment. A sudden and unforeseen lightning storm descends upon the town, with the local church bearing the brunt of nature's fury. Tragically, two lives are claimed in the process - Lenard Cole himself and the local priest, Sam Venanski.


1989 Photograph of the Wilden's new research facility built by State E. Incorporated.