Welcome to Wilden

The gem of the south has a strange history

Missing people, unusual high rate of lightning accidents and a gruesome scandal. This small rural town is anything but calm. To understand Wilden we must understand its people.


Ever since young Kai could walk, he spent nights listening carefully to his father's secretive work. Former computer scientists and biologist Shigeru Ito gained popularity within Wilden's labor community as the town's only scientist. However, things quickly changed as he suddenly passed away in an unexplained accident at work. 7 years had passed since but Kai still hasn't come to accept his father's fate.

Shigero was a distinguished member of the "Climate and Energy" research council formed by Wilden's biggest donor, State. E Incorporated. Yet, Kai's early memories convince him that his father's work extended beyond mere weather reports. From all things possible, his favourite bedtime story about, Lazzus, an adventure in a parallel universe, has been stuck in Kai's thoughts ever since the disappearance.


Somewhere near Wilden

Kai's best mates have taken on a hiking trip through the Greywoods only to witness something that will change their lives forever.

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Don't go out alone.